40+ Favorite Would You Rather Questions

would you rather

When you want to get to know someone, whether it’s a friend, a future romantic interest, or a co-worker, these “Would you rather…” questions are an excellent way to learn more about the folks around you. They’re interesting, and though some of them may be somewhat disgusting or embarrassing, they could keep the mood lighthearted.

would u rather


  1. Would you rather be really short or tall? You will find pros and cons to both, of course, so think about what you’d say. Odds are, short folks will say they’d preferably be tall, and tall people will say they’d rather be not long, because they know what it’s like to be the other.
  2. Would you rather be blind or deaf? Always a tough one, but each comes with its virtues, if you had to choose.
  3. Would you rather experience a constant pain or continuous itch? This is another one that is tough, for sure. Remember, nothing can make the pain or the itch go away forever.
  4. Would you rather go for a month without your automobile or the Internet? How a person answers this one can provide you with a good deal of insight into their character. But, the Internet be used to get things if you don’t have a car you want. Hmmm…
  5. An interesting thing to consider with this one is that your sense of smell, or lack thereof, also influences your sense of taste.
  6. Would you rather have the ability to whisper or shout everything? This really is a rough one. Either way, whisper, and you’re bound to be in a situation where you’d be driven to yell something you’d preferably whisper something you’d preferably yell.
  7. Again, a terrific one for getting insight into the folks around you.
  8. Most folks would likely take a shower, finally… depending on just how long the hot water was gone, although this one’s kind of disgusting.
  9. There are merits to both, so this is an excellent one to help you learn more about how an individual believes.
  10. Would you rather give or receive advice that is poor? How a man replies this one enables you to know a lot about their personality.
  11. Would you drink spoiled milk or pee your pants? Both choices are less than perfect… but in either event, the humiliation/pain is simply temporary.
  12. Would you rather have a guaranteed $100,000 or a 50/50 shot at $1 This one will assist you to see about how someone feels about money and taking risks.
  13. Would you rather not be rich and good rich and horrible, or looking? This one will help you see more about a person’s dilemmas with cash and superficiality.
  14. Would you rather be able fly or to read minds? This one is kind of rough, but would be enjoyable regardless of the response.
  15. In a packed room, would you have everyone laughing at your fart, or be the only one laughing at a fart? This one, a lighthearted and comical question would have great reasoning on either side of the argument.
  16. Would you rather have a boring job that pays job you love that pays $50,000? a year, or an enjoyable $100,000 This is another great one for learning more about the importance someone puts on cash.
  17. Would you rather have a higher IQ or a photographic memory?
  18. This really is another with clear benefits and drawbacks on either side.
  19. Would you rather go 30 days without 90 or refined sugar without caffeine? This is another tough one for most folks… but the replies could get interesting.
  20. Would you be nice or naughty? Each comes with advantages. This will provide you some insight into what’s bubbling beneath the surface.
  21. Would you rather be smart or alluring? You’d taken and be amazed at how many beautiful people would rather be clever rather than keep their looks and be judged solely on them.
  22. Would you rather be happy for your entire life or extremely wealthy for a day? Think if you had the means of how much joy can be wrung out of just one day.
  23. Would you rather marry a girl that is very intelligent or a very beautiful woman? Some men are threatened by intelligent girls. One would be n’ted do without by others.
  24. Would you rather marry an immensely rich man or an extremely attractive man?
  25. Would you rather live ill in a hip neighborhood or live richly in a boring neighborhood? Then you’ll likely pick the former if you are of a bohemian mindset. Those that desire equilibrium will select the latter.
  26. Would you rather be good at math at writing or good? Great writers often envy those who are good with numbers. This feeling is not usually reciprocated by the latter.
  27. Would you rather read a sequence of really fascinating publications of doctrine or a string of extremely good mystery novels? Philosophy is a great of mystery, or at least a riddle. Many great mystery stories deal with problems of philosophical relevance. Selecting one will not preclude interest in another.
  28. Would you rather be a person who is primitive but popular or a person who’s well-mannered but forgettable? Sometimes the crudest individuals are exciting and the most fascinating.
  29. Would you rather be a truly well-educated individual or an extremely well connected man? Schooling may give strength and internal riches to you. Material prosperity, however, comes with connections and networks.
  30. Would you poor or awful and rather sexy and affluent? Another one that talks to one’s aspirations in life and love and the balance of both.
  31. Would you rather read a modern novelists or an author of a classic? Keeping up with the most recent literary buzz is not unimportant to some. Others favor the style and insights of the Great Books
  32. Would you rather spend money on nice clothes or on the latest electronic gadget?


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