Most Hard Truth or Dare Questions

truth or dare questions

Truth or dare is certainly one of those fun games that everyone nonetheless dreads.

truth or dare

The Most Hard Truth Questions

  1. What’s your most embarrassing recollection?
  2. Describe your first sexual experience
  3. Describe your worst sexual meeting
  4. What is your bra size?
  5. How long is the penis?
  6. Who is your oddest puppy love?
  7. Have you got any crushes?
  8. If you had to snog one individual in the room, who would it be?
  9. Do you have any fetishes?
  10. Have you got any irrational fears?
  11. What is the worst thing you have ever stolen?
  12. Where was the oddest place you have had sex?
  13. Perhaps you have masturbated anyplace improper? Elaborate…
  14. What’s the strangest porn you have ever got off on?
  15. Have you ever had a crush on anyone in the room?
  16. What’s the greatest sex you ever had?
  17. Describe your favourite characteristics
  18. Describe your least favourite characteristics
  19. Maybe you have had sex/a crush on someone you shouldn’t have? Who?
  20. The Most Difficult Dare Questions
  21. Remove (any) thing of clothing
  22. An arbitrary number is called by prank
  23. Snog the man to your left
  24. Let the individual text anyone from your own phone
  25. Wear an item of women’s clothes (for guys)
  26. Wear an item of hot clothing (for women)
  27. Run (somewhere safe and never illegal)
  28. Tell the person opposite you they are loved by you
  29. Give a foot massage to the individual on your right
  30. Do not speak until your next go
  31. Spank the person in your left
  32. Text your Mum and tell her you miss her
  33. Shoot a picture of your butt and e-mail it to someone in the room
  34. Knock on the door next door and run
  35. You live with
  36. Place on an odd accent and purchase a pizza
  37. Purchase everyone a round
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